Dynamic Software Update aims to update applications at runtime, and introduce modifications that couldn't be anticipated during its development. Applications using DSU techniques can be updated with changes or patches that range from feature additions to critical security patches and bug-fixes. These dynamic updates have the goal to avoid application reboot, and thus minimize application down-time and warm-up time.

DSU'17 is an international discussion forum and gathering of researchers interested in dynamic software updates. DSU'17's program will be split in two: an `open presentation` section and a discussion section.


DSU'17 is organized by:

  • Chair: Stéphane Ducasse <stephane [dot] ducasse [at] inria [dot] fr>
  • Chair: Luc Fabresse <luc [dot] fabresse [at] mines-douai [dot] fr>
  • Co-chair: Guillermo Polito <guillermo [dot] polito [at] univ-lille1 [dot] fr>


Access to DSU'17 is free as in free beer. There is no charge associated. However, we gently ask you to formally register using this website's facilities. This will help us in the organization of the workshop.


DSU'17 will be held the 9 of march 2017.

  • 09h00 - Reception
  • 09h30 - Open Presentation Space
  • 10h30 - Break
  • 10h45 - Open Presentation Space II
  • 12h00 - Lunch Break
  • 14h00 - Discussion Space
  • 16h00 - Break
  • 16h30 - Discussion and Peer Programming Space
  • 18h30 - Short Lille City Guide and Dinner


DSU'17 will be held in Inria Lille-Nord Europe.

Parc scientifique de la Haute Borne
40, avenue Halley - Bât A - Park Plaza
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq - France

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